How your company can use Cloud ERP?

Managing your business using reliable software brings many benefits. Your company can automate a number of processes, reducing the time spent on various tasks or you can get an overview of the current situation thanks to reporting.

What is the cloud?

In simple terms, the cloud is the storage of data on external servers that are connected by the Internet. So your company does not have to keep its own storage on physical devices.

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system that serves to manage the business and perform many processes across the company. It is the “brain” of the company and a complex solution that covers many processes from invoicing to warehouse management.

So what happens if we put these two terms together?

The days of on-premise solutions are slowly but surely coming to an end, and more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of the cloud. Thanks to cloud solutions, the company will not have to worry about a lot. For example, it is hardware maintenance that your cloud service provider can take care of. Regular system updates can also help the company keep up with the times.

New business models

Companies all over the world recognize the need to transform their business to keep up with technological progress. With the developing WEB3, companies generate huge profits from NFT projects or enable payments using crypto currencies.
These are also examples of how to create new opportunities for your business. However, this is still a distant future for most businesses, and you might want to try digital transformation a little differently.

If you are looking for ways to offer your customers more, cloud solutions enable the transition to new business models. Thanks to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, Hillrom offers medical devices with a product-as-a-service (PaaS) business model.

RISE with SAP offers us possibilities in the application of new strategies so that we can adapt to the rapidly changing needs of hospitals. – Sven Krause, Chief Information Officer, Hillrom Holdings Inc

Artificial Intelligence on the rise

We probably don’t need to introduce artificial intelligence(AI) anymore. It plays an important role for companies in several industries. Whether it’s automation or data customization for individual customers, it can make our lives easier in many ways.

But what it can do in combination with a powerful ERP solution is to predict the future. Yes, you read that right, AI is able to predict, for example, shortages or delays in the delivery of certain products based on the data in your ERP. It also helps with planning and provides future data projections thanks to more than 700 reports in ERP.

It is therefore easier for companies to prevent certain problems before they occur.

Safety above all else

Just as security is important at work, it is also important when dealing with company or customer data. It is sensitive data that could create unpleasant problems for the company. If you manage your ERP on-premise, you need to guard this data yourself and regularly make sure that it is well taken care of.

With a quality partner and a modern cloud solution, you can get rid of this obligation. Simply keep your data safe on SAP’s cloud servers, where experienced experts take care of their security. And they are not few!

Let’s sum it up

If you feel that the company could perform tasks faster or easier, or you want to prevent problems before they occur, a cloud ERP solution could be the right tool for you.

With the help of artificial intelligence, forecasts for your company will guarantee that nothing will surprise you.

However, if you want to surprise your customers and offer them new opportunities to cooperate with you, some modern business models are created for this.

With the cloud, your business will simply get a “new breath” and prepare for the future.


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